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It is no secret that increased efficiency and reduced waste means more profit. To the dedicated Industry Experts at Synergy Controls, there is no mystery to losing less and making more.

From intake to exhaust, pulp to paper, ore to concentrate and contaminated to clean, Synergy Controls has the product that is the missing piece of your puzzle.

We offer a complete single-source product basket to assist any industrial or R&D plant automate and control more efficiently. Our hand-selected products and services allows you to operate more effectively and concentrate on your manufacturing needs, your customers' needs and your bottom line.

The multiple location platforms allows an automation team member to provide the person-to-person contact required to make sound automation and equipment decisions.

To catch a glimpse of our extensive product line, browse through any of the sub-sections listed above. For a complete list or to get started on a Synergy solution customized to your unique operation, please contact one of our Experts directly.

Synergy Controls - your one stop shop for everything automated.