"Free on-line application selection and sizing software for level, flow, density, pressure, analysis, temperature, data acquistion and system components."

Rick Hemingway - Canadian Sales Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does a potential supplier contact Synergy?

    Synergy Controls Corporation is a progressive supplier of instruments, valves, control valves and pumps.  Since 1992, we have been supplying support and service to all industries in the Province of Ontario and Manitoba.  New product lines are carefully scrutinized to assure the suitability of both the potential supplier and our clients.  All suppliers should directly communicate their business plan to Synergy's president, Mike Gribbons.

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  2. How do I apply for career at Synergy Controls Corporation? .....

    Please send a detailed resume with cover page electronically to mail@synergycontrols.com.  Provide a short list of references along with any experience that will be beneficial to our organization.

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