Maestro Mine Ventilation is driven to provide ventilation solutions to improve the underground work environment and extend miners' lives, while still providing companies with a solution to increase production, conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gases.

Maestro benefits people responsible for mine ventilation, management and automation who are concerned with worker health & safety, productivity and energy savings.

Our vision is to become a key enabler of automated mine ventilation systems by providing advanced instrumentation for measurement and control. 

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Drift AirFlow System
The Digital AirFlow Sensor has been specifically designed for industrial and mining applications and represents the latest in compact ultrasonic sensor-head design.  Ultrasonic transit time measurement across the airway delivers a highly accurate airflow value and virtually eliminates manual ventilation surveys and traditional high-maintenance measurement techniques.  Click here for more information.



G2 AirQuality Station 
Maestro's second-generation G2 AirQuality Station provides real time information of all key environmental components such as airflow, gas concentrations (up to nine different gases per station), humidity and worker heat stress.  Click here for more information.

Marquee Display Station 

Now that you have real time data, you will need to find a way to display this data on each mine level.

The Marquee Display Station has been designed to allow simple integration into any SCADA, PC or network system.

The Marquee plugs directly into any network switch.  The simple Webpage configuration can be done in minutes.

No more custom programs.
No PC required to feed data.

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FanMon - Primary and booster fan monitoring systems

Alphair Primary Fan

Maestro has successfully developed FanMon, an integrated fan monitoring system.  This system can measure fan airflow, static pressure, gas concentration, bearing and stator temperature and vibration.


Lets face it.  A primary ventilation fan is an expensive investment.

FanMon provides the ability to predict early failure or other performance issues. 

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Mining Clients "Know me by the company I keep"

Maestro has collaborated with some of the largest global mining companies and mine research centres to understand the key requirements for this specialized field.  


Ventilation energy costs in a mine varies based on the amount and type of running equipment, depth and temperature of the mine.  Approximately 60-70% of the mines overall electrical energy costs are directly associated with mine air ventilation making this instrumentation very critical in optimizing the ventilation strategy.

Senior Research Scientist, Stephen Hardcastle of CANMET says "With the right ventilation controls, hard rock mine's annual power requirements and costs could be reduced by 30-40% compared to a constant air delivery system."

Our vision is to become the key enabler of automated mine ventilation systems by providing advanced instrumentation for measurement and control. 

 Major mining clients