G2AirQuality Station

The second generation G2AirQuality Station is the world's first web page configured Ethernet system with real time monitoring and advanced real time diagnostic functions.

Why settle for an expensive analog system when Maestro offers best-of-class digital systems?  Would you go back to an analog bag phone instead of your current smart phone?

The G2AirQuality Station is an advanced & proven air quality monitoring system used in underground mining and tunneling applications. The world’s first web page configured Ethernet system with real time advanced diagnostic functions. Available for use in either Ethernet, Analog or Leaky Feeder communication systems.


Monitor mine level air quality and control louvers or fans

The G2AirQuality Station not only monitors but can also provide output functions to control return air raise louvers or level fans.  Simply plug the system into a network switch via RJ45 copper for applications within 100 metres of a network switch or by Single-mode or Multi-mode Fiber optic cable for longer distances.  Map the registers to your surface HMI or SCADA system and start your engines.  The rest is simple.

No additional PLC's are required

Since every G2AirQuality Station communicates directly to any network switch, a mine level PLC is not required.  This saves much more than the original cost of the PLC and cabinet (approximately $20,000- $35,000 alone) but also the continuous upgrading of software and software licenses to keep the PLC current.  Don't forget that PLC programming requires an expert. 

Simple and quick integration guaranteed

The G2AirQuality Station is configured using Windows Explorer and requires no other software.  Simply select the network address, add username and password and then start your configuration with the graphical interface.  No experts or high priced service technicians required.  Most first time users can configure the system in less than 15 minutes.



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Client application story

Brian Keen - Vale Senior Ventilation Specialist says, "Maestro equipment has allowed Vale to reduce installation time, deploy without the requirement of additional PLCs on each mining level and still provide control and feedback to our louvers in order to optimize the airflow in each drift. Maestro has proven to be flexible and accommodating with their specialized systems."

"Our Maestro AirQuality Station (AQS) provides airflow rate, dry bulb temperature and CO gas monitoring. The AQS also provides output and feedback to control each louver before the return air raise. In this case, the communication protocol is Ethernet Modbus TCP over a Multimode Fiber Optic Cable, thereby increasing simplicity and reducing installation costs," says Keen.