Ifm Efector

ifm efector
sensors and controls – close to you!

ifm efector is global leader in sensors and controls.  ifm has 70 subsidiaries worldwide and more than 3,000 employees who serve 80,000 customers.  ifm generates approximately 1 billion dollars in annual sales.  Global markets include: North and South America, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. 

Position Sensors and Object Evaluation Systems

Proximity Sensors  Cylinder Sensors  Photo Electric Sensors  Object Evaluation Sensors  Capacitive Sensors
Proximity    Cylinder     Photo Eye  Object        Capacitive

Fluid Sensors and Diagnostic Systems

Flow Sensors  Pressure Sensors  Level Sensors  Temperature Sensors  Diagnostic Systems  Valve Sensors
Flow          Pressure     Level       Temperature  Vibration   Valve Sensors

Networking and Controls

AS-I Bus System  Speed Monitors  Cord Sets
AS-i Bus     Speed       Cord Sets

Identification Products

RFID Systems  Multi Code Systems
RFID         Multi-Code

Safety Connection Technology

Safety at Work  Safety Sensors
Safety at Work  Safety Sensors