Drift AirFlow System

Maestro's AirFlow System provides real time measurement and diagnostic functions in order to provide maximum system uptime and superior accuracy over other measurement techniques.

Our unfair advantage

Unlike other imitation flow sensors, Maestro sensors are digital which provides unique multivariable functions. 

  • non-contact sensors that are not affected by dust, humidity and dirt
  • provides an average air velocity across the complete drift or measurement path
  • provides dry bulb temperature 
  • provides sensor signal strength
  • digital sensor allows a maximum separation distance of 4000' to the transmitter
  • able to detect mobile equipment in measurement path
  • able to detect cable or sensor failure
  • immune to EMI or RFI electrical noise
  • corrosion resistant materials





 A system like no other.

The AirFlow System can be integrated in any communication environment.

  • Analog 4-20 mA
  • Ethernet Modbus TCP
  • EthernetIP
  • RS485 Modbus
  • Leaky Feeder

This is the world's first airflow system that is configured with a web page and requires no additional expensive software, software licenses or hardware.  Just plug and play.


Exponential smoothing advantage. 

In the real world, we filter out background noise as a way to cope with the massive amount of information that we receive.
In the process world, exponential smoothing is the preferred method of filtration for ventilation applications.
Exponential smoothing is a statistical technique for detecting significant changes in data by ignoring the fluctuations irrelevant to the purpose at hand.  Older data is given progressively less relative weight whereas newer data is given progressively more weight.
The example above is a trend of a Maestro AirFlow System deploying exponential smoothing (white trace) and a competitive airflow sensor (green trace) that filters using a moving average curve technique. 
"The white trace is considered to be a better measurement with reduced variability." says Phil Thwaites - Process Control Group Manager of Xstrata's Global Process Control Group
Another reason that Maestro out-controls conventional measurement devices.

 An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure 

Mobile equipment traveling through drifts are a danger to anything located on the walls.  A steel bumper with reflective tape is a must to protect your lower bottom sensor.







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