If you are looking for solutions to difficult temperature measurement and monitoring challenges, IRCON is the company to call. IRCON offers a product range and experience that are unmatched in the industry.

In business since 1962, IRCON products perform with accuracy and repeatability in the harshest and most volatile conditions requiring precise temperature measurement and control.

Our solutions are designed to suit a wide variety of applications, with a product line capable of measuring temperatures from -50 degrees to 6500 degrees fahrenheit (-50 degree to 3500 degrees celsius).

Whether you are in the business of manufacturing or processing metals, glass, plastics, ceramics, paper, textiles, chemicals, packaging, food or pharmaceuticals, chances are IRCON has a solution to address your situation.

Modline 3The Modline 3 Microcomputer-Based Infrared Thermometer is an sophisticated and innovative infrared thermometer system with more of the features you want as standard. Choose from eleven different thermometers including both high and low temperature ratio (two color) versions. Both high performance single lens reflex and fiber optic sensors are available

MirageThe Mirage Infrared thermometer system adds flexibility and low cost to its reliable state-of-the-art signal processing unit with a choice of five high-performance temperature sensors including both a high temperature and low temperature ratio thermometer. Measure temperatures from 150°F (80°C) to 6500°F (3500°C). 

Mirage Fiber OpticThe Mirage Fiber Optic infrared thermometeroffers the powerful features and affordable price of the Mirage, along with the flexibility and capabilities of a fiber optic, optical system. The compact, stainless steel, focusable re-imaging lens fits in tight places and withstands ambients to 400°F (200°C) without cooling. 

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