"Free on-line application selection and sizing software for level, flow, density, pressure, analysis, temperature, data acquistion and system components."

Rick Hemingway - Canadian Sales Manager


No matter the market, Synergy has the solution!

Michael J. GribbonsSynergy Controls Corporation was founded in 1992 by engineer-cum-entrepreneur Michael J. Gribbons. Since then, Synergy has grown steadily from a two-person home-based business serving its loyal customers in Sudburys mining industry to a diversified, multi-million dollar company providing automation solutions to plant managers and engineers.

Today, Synergy deals with a diverse cross-section of companies large and small in the mining, steel, pulp & paper, water & waste, forestry, chemical, oil & gas, refining, life sciences, agri-products, power, food & beverage and cement & aggregate industries.

Synergy was founded on the ideal of providing responsive, flexible and professional service to its clients, matching automation solutions for plant management and engineers. These solutions have provided millions in cost savings, increased plant efficiencies and improved product control for many Fortune 500 companies.

To ensure Synergy stays on the cutting edge, ISO 9000 quality management principles are firmly rooted in our corporate culture. We strive to maintain full customer satisfaction with the continual improvement of the products and services we offer.

To find out how we can help your organization build a better bottom line, please contact Synergy President Michael Gribbons at mike.gribbons@synergycontrols.com