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Mission critical: Confined space oxygen

Ensuring the safety of workers on the job site is always Job One. In a confined space, that means proper oxygen levels. 

Net-Safety Oxygen Monitors make sure the air where your employees are working is the perfect mix.

More and more industrial operators are turning to Synergy Controls for cutting-edge gas monitoring technology. Our mining sector clients in particular have been covering their infrastructure with Net-Safety Oxygen Deficiency Monitoring Systems, for example in sampling enclosures and buildings downstream of waste water disposal sites.

Oxygen depletion occurs when rock oxidizes and organic material decomposes. The process is not to be underestimated. Oxygen-depleted air can migrate from a source into enclosed spaces half a football field away.

Net-Safety Oxygen Deficiency Monitoring Systems can be easily run by local power or solar power.  Alarms and remote indication are easily adapted.

Canadian mine inspectors have issued very specific directives outlining what ventilation systems and air quality monitoring systems must be in place in any enclosed sampling station located downstream of a mine waste dump.

Don't get caught on the wrong side of workplace safety legislation. Contact to hammer out an O2 solution for your operation today.

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