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U/G Ore Bin Level Measurement!

260' high ore bin is no trouble for the FMR250 Solids Radar level transmitter.


FMR250 Parabolic level transmitter focuses the radar beam into a tight, narrow beam allowing it to be used in underground ore bins.


Antenna & electronics are covered with plastic bags to avoid dust buildup before inserting into the stand pipe.

 The key advantages of using parabolic radar for ore pass and rock bins:

  • accurate measurement can be made even while filling
  • can measure in extremely high dusty environments
  • non-contact measurement
  • quick set-up
  • measurements are not affected by changes in moisture or temperature
  • measurement is not affected by background noise
  • narrow beam angle which allows long measuring range in ore pass or rock bins
  • zero maintenance

Excellent echo signal even at 200' depths. FMR250 Parabolic Radar Level Transmitter.

Reliable and stable measurement even while bin is being filled.

If you would like to give the FMR250 a test drive in your underground application contact us at

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