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Ore pass measurement solved!

Finally a solution that measures while the ore pass is being filled!

Level measurement of underground ore passes is important. Ore passes are not only utilized to funnel ore to the shaft skip loading station but also as silos for storing of ore in order to smooth out ore flow in a shaft system. Safety and operational efficiency are also improved as proper ore pass level measurement could prevent overfilling of tipping areas and also damage of the pass or equipment below if a proper low level is not maintained.

From an instrumentation perspective an ore pass system is an extremely difficult environment to take measurements in.  Factors like dust, vapour, interference, bridging, wear and physical installation have to be taken into account. This posses no problem with the FMR250 Solids Radar.

The FMR250 uses a parabolic horn antenna that focuses the energy in a very narrow beam. This concentrated beam allows the radar beam to be used in applications over 200 feet in depth.

In fact the radar device is so effective, it can be used to measure while the ore pass is being filled. Even in high dust and moisture conditions.

Echo profile software illustrates a huge return signal.

The key advantages of using parabolic radar for ore pass and rock bins:

  • accurate measurement can be made even while filling
  • can measure in extremely high dusty environments
  • non-contact measurement
  • quick set-up
  • measurements are not affected by changes in moisture or temperature
  • measurement is not affected by background noise
  • narrow beam angle which allows long measuring range in ore pass or rock bins
  • zero maintenance

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