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Continuous Caster

CasterAt the continuous caster, where molten steel begins its transformation into slabs, billets, or blooms, productivity problems can slow or shut down an entire plant. 

Accurate real-time temperature monitoring coupled with the ability to adjust water nozzles and water flow rates allow for proper cooling, which helps maintain metallurgical properties. The results are better quality products, higher levels of productivity and longer equipment life.

The type and model of sensor is governed by the process and the sensor’s location. Infrared ratio thermometers, such as the Marathon FR fiber-optic sensors and Marathon MR integrated sensors, are the perfect choice for installation in harsh, dirty environments where the line of sight is obscured by dust, water spray, or steam. Use MP50 linescanners where edge-to-edge temperature profiles are needed to create a two-dimensional “thermal map” of the product.

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